Interns Protest Emerging Deal With Finance Ministry

The interns at some Israeli hospitals left their department to protest the emerging contract that they say ignores their basic interests.

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Aryeh Ben Hayim, | updated: 21:39

Sheba Medical Center
Sheba Medical Center

Physicians interning in some of Israel's major hospitals have left their departments in protest over the emerging deal between the Ministry of Finance and the Israel Medical Association.

The talks are intended to bring a close to the job actions  by physicians, which have resulted in postponements of non-life-threatening surgeries. Many interns are threatening to cancel the payment of dues to the Israel Medical Association because they feel that their interests and the public's interest have been neglected.

The interns expected that their shifts would be shortened and the hospitals would create new job slots to spread out the Herculean case load they shoulder every day. They are also incensed over a ten-year no strike provision that they view incompatible with normal labor relations.

While the physicians will not have to punch a time clock, their attendance will be monitored by smart phone applications, which they consider demeaning as well.

This split in the physician's ranks resembles what has occurred at the universities when instructors accused senior professors of ignoring their interests even though they carry the brunt of the teaching load.