Fires in Golan, Galilee

Two fires broke out in northern Israel today; three hikers treated for smoke inhalation, dozens evacuated; fire crews and planes dispatched.

Gabe Kahn., | updated: 21:46

Firefighting plane
Firefighting plane
Israel news photo: Air Tractor

Fires broke out Thursday in the Golan and Mount Meron, Israel Radio reported.

Three female hikers were treated for smoke inhalation and light burns in the Golan. 
One of the hikers was also treated for an anxiety attack.
Dozens of tourists were evacuated from the reserve, as four firefighting crews and two airplanes were sent to put out the blaze, according to the report.
The Golan fire was described a "very large" and estimates of land destroyed run from "several hundred dunams" to "over a thousand" (One dunam is about 1/4 of an acre).
Another fire broke out earlier Thursday afternoon in the northern Galilee on Mount Meron. 
Three firefighting crews and two airplanes successfully put out that blaze. 
No injuries were reported, but forty dunams of land were destroyed in the fire.
The cause of the fires has not been determined at this time.