IDF Attacks Terror Targets in Gaza

IDF targets three terror tunnels in Gaza in response to ongoing rocket attacks originating in the region.

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Elad Benari, | updated: 05:15

IAF Counterstrike (Gaza)
IAF Counterstrike (Gaza)

The IDF retaliated overnight Wednesday to the latest firing of Kassam rockets from the Gaza region and attacked several terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF Spokesperson confirmed the attacks and said that IAF aircraft had hit two smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza and an additional terrorist tunnel northern Gaza. All three targets were directly hit, and all aircraft returned to their base safely.

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens or soldiers, and will know to respond decisively to terrorist activity or firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip where and when it deems fit,” said the Spokesperson’s statement. “The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for the attacks.”

Earlier on Wednesday, a rocket launched from Gaza hit a southern Israeli community. The IDF website said the community was located within the Eshkol Regional Council and was home to approximately 10,000 residents. There were no physical injuries or damage to property in the attack.

Two Kassam rockets were also fired on Tuesday evening from Gaza, landing in the Sdot Negev Regional Council area. One rocket caused light damage to a house in a local kibbutz. The second rocket landed in an open area.

A short time later, a mortar shell fired by terrorists from the Gaza region landed and exploded in an open area near a kibbutz in the western Negev. There were no casualties or damage.

The IAF responded to these attacks as well, attacking and directly hitting two weapon manufacturing sites in the Gaza region early Wednesday morning.