IDF Shoots Hamas Terrorist

IDF soldiers conducting a counter-terror raid to make arrests in al-Fari'a shot a fleeing Hamas terrorists after explosives were thrown at them

Gabe Kahn. , | updated: 22:38

IDF Patrol in Shechem
IDF Patrol in Shechem
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Israeli security forces shot a Hamas terrorist in al-Fari'a on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

Citing 'Palestinian sources,' Reuters reported Ibrahim Sarhan, 22, was shot twice and pronounced dead on arrival at an area hospital.
IDF sources, however, say that wounded man's condition remains unknown, adding the incident remained under review.
According to the IDF the incident took place during a counter-terrorism raid in which the force identified a man trying to escape. The soldiers carried out the required suspect arrest protocol, which ended with shots being fired at the man's lower extremities.
The injured man was subsequently evacuated and received medical care from local medics, the IDF added.
The IDF noted that in the course of the routine arrests, explosives were thrown at the forces; no injuries were reported among the troops.
Shortly after noon, Hamas confirmed that Sarhan was one of their operatives. The statement was made on a website affiliated with the Hamas government in Gaza.
Residents of al-Fari'a, northeast of Shechem, said Israeli soldiers had entered the camp in the early morning, apparently in an attempt to make arrests.
The man's uncle, Ismail Sarhan, said he had been on his way to dawn prayers when he was shot.
The PA-run Maan news agency reported that a skirmish broke out between local residents and IDF forces following the incident.