CA Bulldozes Illegal Arab Shops

Regavim scored a victory in its battle against illegal construction on state lands with the demolition of illegal shops near New Givon.

Gabe Kahn. , | updated: 17:55

Demolition Site
Demolition Site

Civil Administration bulldozers destroyed Tuesday several illegal Arab commercial structures near the community of New Givon.

A month ago, the Regavim movement, which works to preserve state lands and prevent illegal building, demanded Civil Administration officials demolish illegal commercial structures near Givon. Today, after a strenuous mornings work, the structures were gone.
"In recent years, due to the anarchy, and the lack of planning and enforcement that prevails in this area, an entire row of commercial structures were illegally constructed along the whole side of the road," Regavim told the Civil Administration in their petition.
"There is is a widespread phenomenon of establishing illegal buildings for commerce and services located along the road, which gives local commuters a poor sense of security and impacts transportation," it said.
Accompanying the petitition were photos, taken from land and air, illustrating the the size and scrope of the buildings and the security risk they posed.
Commuters familiar with the site say the structues were "shanties" and that "wildcat construction" of illegal structures on the roadside by local Arabs has been given a carte blanche until today.
Bezalel Smotritz, who oversees traffic operations for Regavim, welcomed the demolishion.
"We welcome CAA's rapid demolition of illegal structures near the community of Givon, but we also note it is still a drop in the ocean in terms of necessary enforcement regarding the rampant illegal construction," Smotritz said.
"We must act more decisively against illegal construction in all sectors," he added.