Academics in Gaza, Israel Agree

On politics, graduates of Islamic University in Gaza are more or less in line with leftist Israeli academicians.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 11:16

Islamic University in Gaza
Islamic University in Gaza
Wikimedia Commons

A report by the Malaysian National News Agency Bernama shows that Gaza’s intellectuals are more or less in agreement with the radical leftists among Israel’s intellectual elites on political issues.

Three thousand recent graduates of the Islamic University of Gaza “continue to hope for a brighter future and wish to serve their country despite the difficult conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip,” the report says. The opposition to the blockade would place the graduates in line with the thinking of far left Israeli academicians like Prof. Jeff Halper of Ben Gurion University who went on an expedition to Gaza in a fishing boat in 2008, in order to challenge Israeli sovereignty over Gaza waters.
One of the Gaza graduates, Yazen Al-Mahhon, aspires to continue his education and get a Master's degree in history in the belief that Palestinians need educated people to serve the country. "We should preserve our history, and defy Israeli attempts to falsify the real history of Palestine," he said after the graduation ceremony. Al-Malhon’s history degree could eventually assist him in making statements to the media denying the Jewish Biblical claim to the Land of Israel (as does PA chief Mahmoud Abbas), or the existence of the Holy Temples, in line with PA propaganda or that of a group of Israeli left “new historians,” some of whom do the same.
Mohammed Abu Ayesh, who was injured during Israel’s 2008-2009 counter terror campaign “Cast Lead” and has received a degree in nursing, says: "The Israelis want to stop us. Their warplanes even destroyed our university laboratory, but we carried on," he said. 
Abu Ayesh might have found sympathy in the Voices from Gaza academic conference held in Tel Aviv University in 2010. The conference was moderated by Professor Uri Hadar, who is known for his support for convicted enemy collaborator Tali Fahima and former MK Azmi Bishara, who fled Israel after being implicated in treason. 
Another graduate, Mahmoud Al-Sarraj, said: "I dedicate my graduation to the Palestinian people. I regard it as a victory, since the Israeli occupation tried hard to make us ignorant," Mahmoud said. Doubtless, the Hamas anthem was sung at the graduation. Two Israeli universities, meanwhile, have recently shown an averseness to playing the Israeli anthem at their ceremonies. 
Education, despite platitudes to that effect, has not been a force in restraining terror. Gazan and PLO terrorists include a considerable percentage of university educated masterminds, who use their intelligence and knowledge to murder innocent Israelis. A Palestinian researcher, Bassam Yousef Banat, found in a paper published in 2010 that most terrorist killers and suicide bombers were educated and from middle-class backgrounds.
Israel has only recently announced it would stop letting terrorists complete university degrees in its jails.