Huntsman Joins the Crowded Republican Race

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman launched his presidential bid believing that he has the best preparation for the job.

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Aryeh Ben Hayim, | updated: 18:47

Jon Huntsman
Jon Huntsman

Former Utah governor and US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman joined the already crowded Republican list of would-be presidents.

While Barack Obama started his quest for the presidency in Springfield Illinois where in 1860 Abraham Lincoln began his presidential run, Huntsman chose to emulate another president, Ronald Reagan the current Republican icon by starting his campaign in Liberty Park, New Jersey with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Reagan had done the same in 1980 ultimately beating a Democratic incumbent – Jimmy Carter -- floundering in a sour economy.

Huntsman claims to bring the most balanced resume of all the candidates. He has experience as a business executive who knows the private market, he successfully ran the state of Utah and maintains its excellent credit rating and of course he is just completed a stint as ambassador to China and brings unparalleled knowledge of Asia perhaps the most crucial area for American diplomacy and international economics.

Huntsman promises a respectful campaign against Barack Obama it will focus upon who would make the better president and not who is the better American. He however implicitly attacked the administration by saying that hope is not enough but  a president has to supply answers. He also took note of the prevailing feeling that the United States is in a state of decline and promised to combat this trend.

With a nod towards the budgetary issue that is the major rallying point for the Republican Party, he noted:Inless that in a decade, "every dollar of federal revenue will go to covering the costs of Medicare, Social Security and interest payments on our debt. Meanwhile, we'll sink deeper in debt to pay for everything else - from national security to disaster relief."

In what appeared to be a recognition of growing American isolationism Huntsman remarked: ""We must manage the end of these conflicts without repeating past mistakes that made our engagement longer and sacrifices greater than they needed to be. We believe the best long term national security strategy is rebuilding our core here at home."