Hamas Detains Fatah Spokesman In Gaza

Fatah lambastes Hamas for detaining its Gaza spokesman saying "Hamas is harming the reconciliation agreement and working to bring its failure."

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Gabe Kahn., | updated: 20:25

Playing At Unity
Playing At Unity
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Fatah officials in Ramallah complained Wednesday their spokesman in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip was detained by Hamas security forces, the Palestinian Authority-run Maan News Agency reports.

Fatah lambasted Hamas and said the detention of Fayez Abu A’itah violated the reconciliation agreement signed by the two factions in Cairo.

"Fayez Abus A’itah's detention harms the basic rights of the Palestinians," a Fatah statement said.

According to Fatah officials, Hamas security forces have "insisted on preventing the movement of A'itah, making it impossible for him to do his job."

"In detaining A'itah," Fatah said, pointing fingers in its statement, "Hamas is harming the reconciliation agreement and working to bring its failure by creating tension between the movements in Gaza."

Fueding Fatah and Hamas signed a unity agreement in Egypt on May 4 setting out parameters to theoretically merge the two factions  into a single PA government, but differences between the two groups have resulted in the agreement being little more than symbolic.

The Egypt-brokered unity deal calls for the appointment of a single cabinet of independent figures to carry out policies determined by delegates from the rival factions and a reciprocal release of terrorists held in Fatah and Hamas prisons. Neither stipulation has been achieved.

Perennial financial woes - and Hamas's stated intention to leave the governance business due to it being bad for terror - have caused the PA to miss its unity government deadlines.