Leftists Scheme for Friday

Subversives openly plot how to surprise the IDF Friday at a regular hotspot in Samaria.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 18:33

Previous incident at Nebi Salah
Previous incident at Nebi Salah
Israel news photo

Leftists are planning to surprise the IDF at the Southern Samaria village of Nabi Saleh (Near Neveh Tzuf) Friday, by sneaking into the village before the IDF closes it off. The village is a regular hotspot where Arabs engage the IDF and Border Police in weekly clashes for the purpose of disseminating propaganda footage to the world.

Similar hotspots are Bil’in and Na’alin, where leftists have been carrying out weekly provocations for years.

An e-mail exchange between the leftists that reached Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew-language service has shown that the leftists are planning to enter the village early in the morning Friday.

Usually, the leftists show up at a more or less fixed time and the IDF blocks them from entering the village. They then gather on an adjacent hilltop and egg on the local Arabs who come out of the village throwing rocks and picking a fight with the IDF. The clashes are typically taped by the leftists who edit out the rock-throwing and show only the IDF’s response. One such video is embedded here. Note that a child is seen throwing a rock at the Border Police at 10:00 but the other Arab and leftist violence is edited out.

Leftist organizers plan to sneak into the village during the night and surprise the IDF by marching out with the locals in the morning. The leftists’ internal email includes reporters among the addressees. “We will enter the village at an early morning hour before the IDF clamps a closure on the village. After we enter we will announce to the military that there are 50 Israelis inside with the residents and we will see how the IDF responds.”

The IDF has been notified of the leftists’ plan.