Hefty British Donation to PA

Donations to the PA are streaming in, despite its pact with Hamas.

David Ben Yacov, | updated: 17:16


The tightening bond between the PA and Hamas, and the upcoming PA election that may see a victory for Hamas representatives, did not deter the British government from approving a 30-million pound sterling transfer to the PA next month.

Palestinian news agency  Ma’an  reports that the British General Consul in Jerusalem, Vincent Finn, has informed PA Deputy-Minister of Justice Chlil Kraja of the transfer approval.

The consul expressed his full confidence in Abu Mazen’s statement that the post-elections PA government will act according to his ideology.

During their meeting, the Deputy-Minister of Justice stressed how important in is to the PA that England support the unilateral PA declaration of its state in the September UN vote.

The PA will receive the 30 million pounds during the upcoming visit of PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in London. Fayyad will sign an agreement with the British government  that will include the British commitment to the sum.

The Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida newspaper and a special report of the Mabat Palestinian Media Watch organization listed the 2010-2011 donations to the PA:  EU – 158.5 Euro, Britain – 60 million pounds sterling, India – 10 million USD, Norway - 53 million USD, France - 19 million Euro, World Bank - 40 million, Japan - 18.5 million, EU – 41.4 million, Britain - another 30 million pounds, US – 225 million USD, Ireland - 1.5 million Euro, Japan - 11.9 million USD.