Flight Lands Safely After Glitch

El Al flight lands safely at Ben Gurion Airport after being forced to turn around due to a glitch in one of its wheels.

Elad Benari, | updated: 06:09

El Al plane
El Al plane
Israel News photo: Wikimedia Commons

An El Al flight with more than 200 passengers on board was forced to turn around and return to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport early Monday morning after a glitch was discovered in one of its wheels.

According to reports on Voice of Israel radio, El Al flight 027 had taken off from Ben Gurion Airport en route to Newark Airport in the United States when the pilot noticed that there was a problem with one of the wheels. He subsequently reported the glitch and was instructed to return to Israel.

Israel’s Airport Authority said that the as it made its way back to Israel, the plane was diffusing gas over the Mediterranean.

Emergency crews had been on hand to treat any possible injuries, but fortunately the plane landed safely shortly after 5:30am Israel time at Ben Gurion Airport, and no one was hurt. Voice of Israel radio later reported that after he landed the plane, the pilot said that the earlier warning of an error had disappeared. As such, authorities now believe the source of the glitch was in one of the warning lights and not in the wheel itself.