Court Orders Train Worker Talks

Labor Court told Israel Railway workers they can't strike before July 1. They and management were ordered to negotiate for the next two weeks.

Chana Ya'ar, | updated: 21:51

Israel Railways
Israel Railways
Israel news photo

Israel Railway workers were told by National Labor Court in Tel Aviv Monday they will not be allowed to strike at the present time.

The court approved an injunction against any strike action until at least July 1.

In addition, the court has ordered the union and management to sit down for talks over the next two weeks.

Last Thursday commuters arrived to find the trains stalled on the tracks after workers started an overnight wildcat strike.

Nine senior employees plus union head Gila Edrei were jailed after leading a protest against management plans to privatize the company. Workers feared management would outsource jobs, leaving employees on the jobless line.

The protest was held at night at the Maccabim home of incoming Israel Railways board chairman Uri Yogev.

Within a day the striking workers were back on the job, but not before the union and management had exchanged public barbs over performance, commitment and attitude.

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