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PM Netanyahu Receives a Medal

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received a medal Wednesday from WWII veterans.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 5/12/2011, 12:56 PM / Last Update: 5/12/2011, 1:16 PM

Flash 90

In a meeting held Wednesday at his office to commemorate the anniversary of the World War II victory over Nazi Germany, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received a medal.

 Red Army veterans of World War II living in Israel met with the prime minister, who expressed his gratitude for their sacrifice. “You are a symbol of Jewish bravery,” he told them.

“I am very moved to see you, and the medals you received in the hard fighting against the Nazi enemy,” he said. “You are a symbol of Jewish heroism.”

The prime minister praised the veterans and wished them good health and long life. “If the Red Army had not stopped the Nazi army, the State of Israel would not have come into being... I respect and admire you.”