Almagor: No Giving In

Almagor Terror Victims group on Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Terrorism Victims: “Don’t free terrorists; enemy must pay for Shalit, not us."

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 17:17

Prisoners in Gaza
Prisoners in Gaza
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Almagor Terror Victims Association issues a message for Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Terrorism Victims: “Don’t Free Terrorists; Let the Enemy Pay."

The organization issued the following message: 

“We, who have sacrificed our loved ones and who have been wounded, and who bear the price of the State of Israel’s existence day in and day out, would like to express the following thoughts that irk our hearts on this holy day.

“The Israeli public is under attack from foreign elements who are working to strip our security forces of the ability to act… Many countries, especially in Europe, did not learn from history; they failed to prevent the Holocaust, and now they are trying to tie the IDF’s hands from defending Israel from Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran. Israel’s leaders must not be deterred by them! The primary obligation of the Government of Israel is to protect the nation.

Israel must re-evaluate its relations with the ‘Palestinian Authority.’ The collapse of regimes in the region, and Egyptian government statements in favor of abrogating the agreements with Israel, show how unstable are our agreements with our neighbors. The joining up of Hamas with Fatah shows that the army of the PA, which was built with Israel’s consent, is liable to fall under Hamas control – as occurred in Gaza – and its weapons will be pointed at us, as occurred in the early 2000’s.

"We must not cave in and release terrorists, and certainly not murderers. The release of terrorists strikes a blow against justice, causes inequality before the law, rewards terrorism, and harms Israel’s deterrence capacity. We must bring Gilad Shalit back home – but the price must be paid by the enemy, and not by the citizens of Israel.

"We demand the following: Family visits to imprisoned terrorists must be reduced, and their preferential treatment must be downgraded; Hamas leaders in Gaza must be caught and arrested, and until then they must not be allowed to fly; money transfers to Gaza must be stopped."