Haifa U: Hit the Road, Salah

Arab inciter appeared at the university in 2009 and said, “We welcome death” rather than “give up our principles and holy sites.”

Gil Ronen, | updated: 22:06

Sheikh Salah goes to jail
Sheikh Salah goes to jail
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Haifa University announced Monday it would not allow radical Arab Sheikh Ra'ad Salah to appear at an event on the campus next week.

"Haifa University sees importance in enabling expression of opinion and dialogue among members of its community, but will not allow abuse of freedom of speech and disruption of public order on campus," the university's president Aharon Ben-Ze'ev said.
The Arab inciter, who heads the northern wing of the Islamic Movement within Israel, appeared at the university in 2009 and claimed that Israel was trying to undermine the Al Aqsa mosque. “We welcome death” rather than “give up our principles and holy sites,” he proclaimed.
Several days ago, an Arab student cell in the university filed a request to allow Salah's participation in an event the group plans to hold immediately after Independence Day. 
The university stated Monday that Salah was persona non grata on campus in view of the violent events that took place during his previous visit, and of his behavior in various incidents which led to his incarceration.  
The university cited a recent Supreme Court decision that determined that Salah was guilty of "an attempt to stir up hatred and tension." It also cited the proximity of the planned event's date to Independence Day and Memorial Day.
A visit by another Islamist radical was prevented last year, as Jewish students warned that Arab nationalists were trying to take over the campus.