Many New Facebook Intifada Pages

MEMRI: Even though the official Facebook page for yet another Palestinian terrorist intifada has been removed, new ones continue to be launched.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 13:35

Third Palestinian Intifada revisited on Faceb
Third Palestinian Intifada revisited on Faceb
Israel news photo: Facebook

MEMRI reports that even though the official Facebook page for yet another Palestinian terrorist intifada has been removed, new ones continue to be launched. 

MEMRI - the Washington, D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute - reports that hundreds of such Facebook pages still exist. Their essential message is the same: "Arabs worldwide must launch an intifada march on Israel this coming May 15, and 
martyrdom, jihad (holy war) and killing Jews is praiseworthy."
One Arabic-language page entitled, "The People Want the Official Page of the Third Palestinian Intifada Restored," has some 16,000 members, and has messages reading as follows (according to translations provided by MEMRI):  "This is a message to the Facebook administration: We ask that you restore the official page of the Third Palestinian Intifada." Another message reads: "...[regarding] liberat[ing] Palestine, Facebook's administration stands against the people's desire for freedom."
The page states: "Eighty million people defend Egypt; 31 million defend Iraq; 21 million defend Syria; 10 million defend Tunisia; 7 million defend Libya, but 1.2 billion Muslims will rise up for you, Palestine, on May 15, 2011. O Palestine, millions of martyrs are marching toward you."
Praising Hamas
The page's administrators, who note, "O Israel, burn, the Arab rebels are coming," deny connection to Hamas while praising it at the same time: "We do not belong to Hamas or to the Al-Qassam [Brigades]. But these two [bodies] are [the only ones] operating right now on the scene. We belong to Palestine [as a whole]."
Other postings on the page include: "Dear Jews, don't be afraid, death will be swift. Expect an Arab deluge, we are coming. We will help the religion of Allah and Palestine to triumph... Death to the Jews, murderers of the prophets... The offspring of the sons of Zion are going to Hell."
Another page, entitled, "The Third Palestinian Intifada – This Is Jihad – Victory or Martyrdom, Allah Willing," states that on April 22, next Friday, there will be "a protest of millions demanding an Israeli exodus from Palestine," and that this will prepare world public opinion for the May 15th intifada.  "After the intifada in Tunisia, the Egyptian intifada and the Libyan intifada, the time for the Palestinian intifada has come..."  
Postings on this page include: "Together we will free Al-Aqsa mosque. The beginning will be on May 15, 2011... Our real enemies – they are the [Free]masons and the Jews, may Allah curse them... Be loyal to jihad and make the faith your banner... Always smile in the face of death, if it is for the sake of Allah... I will be the first of the volunteers from the Tunisian army if war is declared on Israel."