Israeli Acting Ambassador Hurt in Abidjan Embassy Evacuation

Staff, evacuated under heavy fire Friday, was en route to Israel Sunday.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 22:45

Abidjan (file)
Abidjan (file)
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The staff of the Israeli Embassy in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, was evacuated on Friday (April 8) by a UN force after having been holed up in the ambassador's residence for days due to the civil war that is raging in the country. 

The evacuation took place under heavy fire between the rival forces. The acting ambassador was injured during the evacuation. 
The staff were evacuated to the UN forces headquarters in Abidjan, where it was decided to fly the four Israeli diplomats to Akra, the capital of neighboring Ghana. After verifying that UN forces were evacuating those Israelis in the Ivory Coast whom they could reach, the embassy staff members boarded the plane and landed in Akra, where they were received by the Israeli diplomatic team engaged in opening a new Israeli embassy there. 
The injured diplomat received medical treatment at a local hospital.
In the evening, the diplomatic staff took off from Akra, and was expected to arrive in Israel on Sunday afternoon.