For Passover: Cheap Chickens

Pre-Passover shoppers will be able to buy chickens and matzoh for one shekel a kilogram – 13 cents a pound – as a supermarket chain cuts prices.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 11:12

Chickens on sale at Jerusalem supermarket
Chickens on sale at Jerusalem supermarket
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Pre-Passover shoppers will have a chance to buy chickens and matzoh for only one shekel a kilogram – 13 cents a pound – as a supermarket chain cuts prices.

The rock-bottom prices will be offered by the Rami Levi supermarkets, according to Globes, but customers will be limited to buying two chickens, packages of matzoh as well as other products included in the one-shekel sale. The purchases are conditioned on buying other products at regular prices.

Half a kilogram (1.1 pounds) of matzoh flour, tomato juice in one-liter cans and chocolate spread will be offered next week for one shekel each, the supermarket chain said, and Globes reported that the shekel-a-chicken sale will be held for five days before the Passover holiday begins on the evening of April 18.

The Passover holiday often sparks price wars as customers stock up on kosher for Passover food and other products for pre-Passover cleaning and cooking. The holiday lasts seven days in Israel and eight days outside the country.

The chain’s principle shareholder Rami Levi has said he is not an observant Jew, but he has been active in the National Religious community. He recently saved a Jewish housing project from falling into Arab hands by buying the failing company that was about to sell out to an American Arab with Israeli origins.

He also visited the surviving members of the massacre of the Fogel family three weeks ago, stocked the shelves with food and promised to continue doing so until the youngest survivor, two years old, reaches his 18th birthday.

Meanwhile, competitors plan to cut prices also, according to Globes. Supersol, Israel’s largest supermarket chain, is selling fish at half-price and plans to meet all of its competitor’s price cuts.

 It also is offering “surprise” sales, such as fruit and vegetables this week for two shekels a kilogram, or approximately 26 cents a pound.