PM Sues Channel 10, Maariv

PM files libel suits after Channel 10 quoted document allegedly listing his campaign donors, Maariv said PM spent 60,000 on a meal.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 11:36

Israel news photo: Flash 90


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has filed libel lawsuits against television Channel 10 and the newspaper Maariv, for 1 million shekels each. The lawsuit against Channel 10 concerns a report aired by the channel, about a 2005 document that allegedly lists the donors to one of Netanyahu's political campaigns.
The lawsuit against Maariv concerns an allegation that the Netanyahu and his wife Sarah spent 60,000 shekels on a single meal, for which they were reimbursed by guests from abroad. 
The lawsuit against Channel 10 calls the report there "a lie."
"Before publication of the report, Mr. Netanyahu made clear to the defendants that there is no basis for what is said in it, but the defendants did not let facts confuse them and were quick to publish the libelous items," Netanyahu said in his lawsuit. 
There is "no connection" between the document presented by Channel 10 and facts on the ground, he added. 
In its Tuesday edition, Israel HaYom published a document dated January 16, 2007. In it, Haim Oron (Meretz), who was then the head of the Knesset's Ethics Committee, confirmed that Netanyahu's travels abroad with his wife had been approved until then.