IDF Hits Rocket Terrorists

The IDF scored direct hits on Islamic Jihad terrorists preparing to attack the Negev with more rockets. At least two terrorists were killed.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 09:17

Gaza region map
Gaza region map
Israel news photo: WikiCommons

The IDF scored direct hits on Islamic Jihad terrorists preparing to attack the Negev with more rockets Sunday morning, killng two terrorist and wounding two others.

On Saturday, terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza fired three rockets on the western Negev, causing damage but no injuries.

Hamas has offered another ceasefire on condition that the IDF does not strike. Several ceasefire declarations by Hamas over the past four years have been short-lived. The latest offer already has been rejected by Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders. Hamas, as the de facto ruler of the region, is responsible for all attacks from Gaza.

The Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency, which is linked to the Palestinian Authority, reported Saturday that factions in Gaza agreed “to commit to a truce with Israel if its military stopped attacking the coastal enclave.” However, the list of those agreeing to a ceasefire omitted Islamic Jihad. Half a dozen other terrorist groups, including Fatah’s terrorist wing, did not attend a meeting with Hamas leaders Saturday.

The lack of unity in Gaza reflects a statement by the head of the IDF Southern Command, Tal Russo, who said Saturday, "Gaza's terror organizations are in a state of anarchy, and that includes Hamas. They don't really talk to each other; they speak in artillery fire."

Responding directly to the ceasefire offer, military spokespersons said Saturday night, “The Israeli defense system is pleased with the agreement of the Palestinian factions to stop the firing at Israel but emphasizes that the test of the agreement is in the field. A military source emphasized that Israel will not initiate an escalation of the situation if the quiet is maintained.”

Sunday’ morning’s attack on the terror cell preparing to fire rockets is a signal clear that Israel will not allow a ceasefire to prevent the IDF from stopping terrorist attacks.