Poland, Israel Sign Cooperation

Polish and Israeli governments meet, sign joint declaration of cooperation on water supply and sustainable energy technology management policy.

Gil Ronen and Elad Benari, | updated: 01:15

DFM Ayalon with Polish Minister.
DFM Ayalon with Polish Minister.
Yossi Zamir

On Thursday, inter-governmental consultations took place between the governments of Israel and Poland. The consultations included a meeting between Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.


Within the framework of the meeting, several agreements were signed by Israeli ministers and their Polish counterparts. Among these was the joint declaration regarding cooperation on water supply and sustainable energy technology management policy signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Polish Minister of the Environment Bernard Blaszczyk.
The declaration is concerned with the planning, defense, development and mobility of water sources and sustainable energy, with an emphasis on bilateral cooperation for the benefit of the citizens of both countries.
The cooperation is primarily in the realms of promoting investment, exchange of technologies, increasing dialogue and exchange of information, and the establishment of uniform standardization.
Cooperation will be in the form of rotation of specialists - both  professionals and technicians - and will include reciprocal learning tours, joint projects and research, training courses, exhibitions and workshops. In addition, cooperation between private entities will be increased.

At the conclusion of the meetings, Netanyahu made a statement in which he thanked Tusk for his country’s friendship.

“As Prime Minister, I have the great privilege of counting you as a personal friend, and Poland, too, is a real friend to Israel,” said Netanyahu.

“We are taking advantage of this opportunity to deepen the cooperation between us by signing cooperation agreements in defense, health, environment, water and energy, culture and in a number of other areas,” added Netanyahu. “This also includes recognition of the tragedy that befell the Jewish people on Polish soil, and your and your government’s sincere attempts to commemorate and give meaning to these events. We appreciate it, and we appreciate your open, sincere and fair attitude, which further deepens the friendship between us.”

Netanyahu noted that “Jewish history and Polish history will forever be connected with one another. The chapters of our past – both the triumphs and the tragedies - cannot be rewritten. But the future is up to us, and I have no doubt that both of us are committed to ensuring that our common future is one of security, of hope, of prosperity and of peace.  I look forward to working with you, both as Prime Minister of Israel with the Prime Minister of Poland, but also as Prime Minister of Israel with the EU representative, as you lead Europe during this critical year.”