TNL - Jerusalem's NON-Official Response to Egyptian Turmoil

4th season of TNL opens with a "Meet the Street" segment about the events in Egypt, helping the Mubaraks and suggesting Ari & Jeremy as Pharaohs

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 04:16

TNL Meets the Streets of Jerusalem
TNL Meets the Streets of Jerusalem

Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem (TNL) is back... in Jerusalem. Join Ari and Jeremy for the first segment of the show opening TNL's fourth season. This week's episode deals with the Mideast upheavals as Ari and Jeremy take to the streets of Jerusalem to discuss the events in Egypt with the residents and tourists in Jerusalem. Watch the reactions to the establishment of a foundation supporting the Mubarak family and a petition to support the TNL duo as candidates for Egyptian Pharaohs.

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