Lone Soldiers Get Credit at Israeli Supermarket

Lone soldiers receive credit to purchase basic necessities at Israel’s largest supermarket chain.

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Chana Ya'ar, | updated: 19:49

IDF soldier at the ATM (illustrative)
IDF soldier at the ATM (illustrative)
Israel news photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit

Soldiers whose families live abroad will be given credit to buy their basic necessities at one of the largest supermarket chains in Israel due to a new ruling by the IDF high command.

As of this month, all lone soldiers will automatically receive a NIS 120 credit to shop at SuperSol supermarket, according to a report published in BaMachane, the IDF magazine. Lone soldiers are instructed to go to their local SuperSol grocery, activate their military ID at the customer service desk, and spend the NIS 120 credit as needed.

“I think it’s great that the army is making basic needs more obtainable,” said IDF Corp. Arielle Yahalom, a photographer in the IDF Spokesperson Unit. “Most lone soldiers don’t have time to get all the paperwork done for these critical benefits.”

The decision was made by the “Prat” office which is responsible for individual soldiers’ status, and undertaken by the General Staff. “Prat is responsible for all the issues surrounding lone soldiers like their living arrangements, financial needs and more,” explained Private Tal lagzil, a Welfare NCO at the IDF base in Tel Aviv.

“I personally think a large number of soldiers would apply for this benefit but now that the office made it automatic, it makes the process fast. I think it’s good for the soldiers, it’s simple and easy.”