White House: Save Israel? Maybe

Asked if US would come aid Israel if its existence is endangered, Administration spokesman gives reporter the runaround.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 09:36

Robert Gibbs
Robert Gibbs
White House Video

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs would not pledge to guarantee Israel's security if its existence is in danger, in a Wednesday press briefing. In reference to recent Middle East turmoil, he was asked: "If Israel is threatened by any of these new governments or Hamas and Hizbullah, if its existence is in danger, would the US come to its assistance? 

Gibbs answered: "Regardless of the situation facing any government in the region, our friendship, our partnership and our alliance with Israel is unchanged."
Gibbs also said the Administration could not force a peace settlement on Israel and the PA. "The president has been involved from day one in seeking a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians," he said, but added that "We cannot force those two into steps that they are unwilling to take steps to do themselves." 

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