Accident Kills Border Policeman While on Duty

Border Policeman Sergeant Shimon Barami killed in road accident during operational activity. Gaza fires Kassam rocket.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 13:22

Border Police
Border Police
Flash 90

Border Policeman First Master Sergeant Shimon Barami, 24, was killed Monday night in a road accident during operational activity along the security fence, in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem. 

The jeep Barami was in overturned. 
Three other Border Policemen were hurt in the accident. They were taken to Tel HaShomer hospital and reported to be in moderate and light conditions.
Barami is a resident of Zohar, a moshav (agricultural community) near Kiryat Gat. His funeral will take place at Moshav Noga in the Lachish region at 1:00 PM Tuesday.
Gaza terrorists fired a short-range "Kassam" rocket at Israel Tuesday morning, but failed to hurt anyone or cause damage. The rocket exploded within the Sha'ar HaNegev local authority's limits.