Nahal and Shimshon Brigades Win First Prize

The Nahal and Shimshon brigades were among the first place winners in Israel Defense Forces awards for outstanding performance.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 16:42

A Nahal Hareidi soldier
A Nahal Hareidi soldier
Courtesy of Nahal Hareidi

The Nahal brigade, which includes a large number of national religious soldiers, was chosen as the outstanding ground unit in a ceremony attended by IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, who handed out the awards.

“The paths of excellence are diverse, but there is a golden thread stretched between all of the units present today, all of them performing beyond the norm and leading in their contribution and development,” he said.  “They protect the citizens of Israel while demonstrating unity, personal example, professionalism and strength.”

The Oketz battalion, which is responsible for dogs that help soldiers in detecting explosives, won second prize.

The Navy’s submarine commandos won first place among operational units, followed by the Navy base in Ashdod and the Air Force’s Palmachim base. The Navy also was awarded first place among operation command units, with the first prize award going to the Haifa navy base, followed by an anti-missile unit in the north.

Among reserve units, the Harel brigade won first place, while the Shimshon unit, also comprised of a large number of national religious soldiers, won first prize in the category of combat support units.

The Navy’s boat yard won first place among technology units, and the education unit in Judea and Samaria was recognized as the outstanding education unit.