Long Arm of the Law Nabs Terrorists Who Wounded Pregnant Woman

Security forces catch up with three Arabs who ambushed a Jewish couple near Be'er Sheva. The woman was in her ninth month of pregnancy.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 15:25

Car damaged in shooting attack
Car damaged in shooting attack

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) has arrested three terrorist gunmen who ambushed a Jewish couple who were driving near Tene-Omarim, between Be'er Sheva and Hevron, in September.

The gunfire wounded the woman, Neta Shucker, who was nine months pregnant. She was taken to hospital in moderate condition and gave birth to a boy in a caesarean section.

The husband, Sharon Shucker, was lightly wounded. He was behind the wheel when the attack occurred, and he kept driving the car until reaching an IDF checkpoint. He reported the incident to soldiers and continued driving for more than 10 miles until he reached Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva.

The attack was the third similar shooting in one month. In the first of the series of attacks, four Jewish adults – all residents of Beit Haggai – and an unborn baby were murdered.

The three terrorists who ambushed the Shuckers were arrested in October but a gag order prevented publication of the news until now. They belong to a dissident branch of Fatah called the Abu Musa faction. Their arrest and interrogation led security forces to a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

Their names are Nabil Halil Hareb, Sameh Salem and Muhammad Nasrallah. Hareb, the gang's leader, was recruited to Fatah in Jordan at age 15, in 1979. He joined the Abu Musa branch in 2008, underwent training in Syria and received $25,000 for purchasing weapons. He later recruited the other two members.

After the site of the attack was chosen, Hareb drove down the road to make sure there was no unusual military presence there. The other two cell members then drove down the road and fired at two vehicles, one of which was the Shuckers'.

Among the weapons seized from the cell were two M-16 assault rifles, a pistol with a silencer, a LAW missile, an improvised TNT charge and night scopes.