Israel's Ben Gurion Airport: Our Security Methods are Good

In wake of recent terror threats, Israel National News joins an international delegation on a visit to Ben-Gurion, Israel's main airport.

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 22:26

Security at Ben Gurion Airport
Security at Ben Gurion Airport
Yoni Kempinski

In wake of recent global terrorist threats, especially the bomb plot involving explosives transferred on an airplane from Yemen on the way to Chicago, Ben Gurion Airport management has declared that everything is continuing as normal.  They explained that the recent events will not change the airports authorities' security procedures, which are renowned for their stringency and efficiency.
The Airport played host this week to HLS-Israel, the first international conference in Israel on Homeland Security. Visitors toured the various stations at the airport and saw up close how passengers are examined, luggage is scanned and all certificates and tickets are checked.
The visitors finished the tour at the airport with a display of an exercise at the fence of Ben Gurion Airport.