Prize for Immigrant Researchers

Immigrants who have excelled in research at The University of Ben Gurion will receive government awards next Tuesday.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 09:05

Boris Krasnov
Boris Krasnov
Israel news photo: Ben Gurion University

Immigrants who have excelled in research at The University of Ben Gurion will receive government awards this coming Tuesday, with a 15,000 shekel prize ($4,000) to a professor of science from the former Soviet bloc. The prize is awarded for excellence in their fields in Israel and significant contributions to the advancement of science research and development or to economic growth and society.

The award to Prof. Boris Krasnov will be presented at a ceremony at the University of Tel Aviv, in the presence of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Immigration Minister Sofa Landver.

Born and educated in Moscow, he has worked as a research scientist at the Ramon Science Center and Jacob Blaustein for Desert Research at Ben Gurion University since 1991.

Among other winners who will be awarded are Prof. Joseph Bernstein and Dr. Nelly Kravitz.

Certificates of Recognition for work the past 20 years will be given to other academics, including Professor Miron Landau of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Eugene Katz of the National Center for Desert Research and Dr. Yulia Ustinov, head of the Department of History.  

Tel Aviv University president Joseph Klafter, Science and Technology Minister Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz also will be present at the ceremony.