Hecklers Cut Short JNF Assembly Session

JNF Chairman Shtentzler after 'sabotaged' meeting: 'Someone is trying to take over the JNF by undemocratic means.'

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 21:08

JNF Chairman Shtentzler
JNF Chairman Shtentzler
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Heckling cut short the Jewish National Fund's General Assembly meeting Thursday. Sources in the JNF (known in Hebrew as HaKeren HaKayemet LeYisrael) said that the assembly was disrupted by members who made various procedural claims regarding the proceedings.

The assembly session was convened in order to elect a new board of directors for the JNF and sources within the JNF blamed “foreign interests” for sabotaging the session as part of a leadership struggle.

A senior source said that “people came after being given instructions to sabotage the meeting and not to enable it to go smoothly. Despite repeated entreaties by eldest assemblyman Morris Zelca, who chaired the session, and despite his promises that everyone would get a chance to talk, the disturbances did not end and they even peaked with expressed threats aimed at public servants and the organization's legal advisers.”

When the disruptions continued, Zelca announced that the meeting was over.

JNF Chairman Effie Shtentzler said following the meeting that unnamed elements were “trying take over the JNF by undemocratic means, while disobeying the previous assembly's decision and the commitments made at that session.” This is being done “with the intent of hampering the organization's functioning and damaging the democratic principles of the Jewish people.”