IDF Worried by Possible 'Peace Talk' Terror Spike

Senior officer in Judea and Samaria says progress in talks with PA will lead to a spike in Hamas terrorism.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 19:07

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Israel news photo: Flash 90


Dictionaries define 'peace' as “the absence of war or other hostilities,” but a senior IDF officer fears that further "progress" in the “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will mean more, not less, attacks against Jews.
A senior officer in the Judea and Samaria Brigade told Arutz Sheva Tuesday that “if the talks progress there will be problems and a spike in the number of terror attacks can be expected, because of Hamas's desire to derail the talks.”
Asked if another full-scale terror war (dubbed 'Intifadah' by the Arabs) like the one that was launched in 2000 could occur, the officer replied in the negative. “The Palestinians do not have the ability to carry out a serious Intifadah because of the fact that all of the terror groups [in Judea and Samaria] are unarmed, the [Fatah subgroup] Tanzim does not exist and the other organizations do not have the weapons for terror attacks. However, it is clear that progress in the talks will entail problems, and we can expect a rise in the number of 'lone attacks' like the one we experienced in the past month.”
The senior officer said that the security fence within Judea and Samaria is doing the job it was built to do in a very good way. He said the PA Arabs have developed what he termed a “fence awareness” and understand that the fence cannot be breached. He said that whereas Arabs freely crossed illegally into “smaller Israel” before the fence's construction, the number of such infiltrators is now down to three or four a week.
This, he said, makes it difficult for the terrorists to “export” terror into smaller Israel.
Asked about the delays in traffic that often occur at the IDF checkpoints, he explained that these are inevitable because the soldiers have to check vehicles to make sure they are not ferrying anyone illegally.
In response to a question about the way the IDF sees the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, the senior officer said that “we see the settlers as a body that has to be protected in any case and by any means.”
The officer singled out the Arab village of Azun between Kalkilya and Shechem as one of the most problematic in Judea and Samaria. While the level of terrorism there has decreased, the villagers still commit two to three terror attacks every week, he said – mostly rock attacks on motorists.
The officer said it was likely that US pressure would eventually force the IDF to stop entering PA cities to chase down terrorists. However, “At this point this is not the picture and not the reality,” he said.