Sukkot Joy for Disabled Children

Kfar Chabad hosts Sukkot party for disabled children, who dance and sing with famous Jewish artists.

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Israel News staff, | updated: 09:51

Dancing in Kfar Chabad
Dancing in Kfar Chabad
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The town of Kfar Chabad hosted a special event this week aimed at bringing joy to all children on the holiday of Sukkot, including those with special needs. A “simchat beit hashoeva” party was held in the local Beit Menachem synagogue at which handicapped children were invited to celebrate, along with their parents.

Several well-known religious Jewish singers performed at the event, among them Yosef Chaim Shwekey and Ohad Moskowitz. The children were invited to sing along with the famous artists.

The children and their parents danced for two hours. Attendees said they were moved by the children's obvious excitement and joy.

Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi spoke at the event and mentioned the Jewish approach to handicapped children, which views those with disabilities as having particularly lofty souls.