‘Anti-Freeze’ Protest in NY

Pro-Israel activists and Chabad joined forces in New York to support the end of the building freeze and call for keeping “every inch” of Israel.

Fern Sidman, | updated: 11:08

'Anti-Freeze' protest in New York
'Anti-Freeze' protest in New York
Israel news photo: Fern Sidman

Chants of "Not One Inch" could be heard in midtown Manhattan Tuesday afternoon as members of Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) joined forces with members of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, representing the World Committee for the Land of Israel.

More than 200 people gathered outside the Israeli Consulate in a spirited demonstration of support for the abrogation of the 10-month moratorium on Jewish building throughout Judea and Samaria. The building freeze expired earlier this week. 

The crowd held aloft signs saying, "No Freeze, No Appease, Bibi Stay Strong", "Build !! Don't Destroy Jewish Homes and Synagogues", "The Land of Israel Belongs to G-d: Do Not Relinquish it" and "Jerusalem, Hebron, Golan, Judea and Samaria: Ours Forever."

Helen Freedman, executive director of Americans for a Safe Israel told the supporters for Israel, "We are here today to celebrate the renewal of building in Israel. We congratulate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for resisting the pressure from President (Barack) Obama and (Palestinian Authority Chairman) Mahmoud Abbas to extend the construction freeze in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

“We must call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to remember that nations rise and fall, but the Jewish people have maintained their right to the entire Land of Israel for nearly 4,000 years."

Interspersed during the speakers, Lubavitch members led the demonstrators in an emotional recitation of several chapters of Tehillim, prayers from the Book of Psalms; while beseeching G-d’s mercy and protection for the Jewish people and the land of Israel. 

The male and female demonstrators were separated by a mechitza, according to Jewish law that prohibits unnecessary public mingling of genders. Young men from Lubavitch carried their sets of the Four Species, known in Hebrew as the Arba Minim, exhorting Jewish passersby to recite the blessing while holding them.