Arabs Attack Jewish Shepherd

Press picks up Arab claim that the attack was a dispute over olive harvesting – but harvesting season has not begun.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 15:02

Rock thrower
Rock thrower
Flash 90

Arabs attacked a Jewish resident of Givat Ronen - near Har Bracha in Samaria - who was tending his sheep. They threw rocks at him and beat him early this afternoon. According to the Samaria local authority, he was lightly injured but managed to get away.

The Jewish shepherd reported the attack to security forces and an IDF force arrived on the spot. It, too, was attacked by the Arabs, who only dispersed after the soldiers threw stun grenades. 

Gershon Mesika, head of the Samaria local authority, said that the attack is not an isolated incident. “Over the last two months, there have been attacks on Jews by the Arabs of [the village of] Burin, starting with rock throwing, through repeated arson of Jewish-owned fields, to repeated attacks on Jews."

"If the security establishment does not wake up," Mesika added, "a disaster might occur, G-d forbid. The IDF must act aggressively and single-mindedly to stop these serious terroristic events before it is too late.”

The grassroots Samaria Residents Council responded with ridicule to the Arab version of the event circulated by the press, according to which the shepherd was attacked because he harvested olives that the Arabs claim were theirs. The Council noted that olive harvesting season has not yet begun.