MK Amsalem: Slim Chance Drancy Attackers will be Arrested

Shas MK says there are so many anti-Semites in France that perpetrators of Drancy vandalism are like a needle in a haystack.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 22:45

Rabbi MK Amsalem
Rabbi MK Amsalem
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There is a slim chance that the perpetrators of the latest anti-Semitic attacks in Europe will be brought to justice, MK Chaim Amsalem (Shas) said Wednesday. There are simply so many anti-Semites in Europe nowadays that finding the attackers would be like finding a needle in a haystack, he explained.

"The French government views the anti-Semitic acts gravely but one must remember that there are seven million Muslims there. Not all of them are active anti-Semites, true, but there is incitement against the Jews in the mosques and there are always extremists.” 

Amsalem served as rabbi of a congregation in Geneva, Switzerland, and saw his synagogue set on fire. “We see vandalism at Jewish cemeteries and synagogues all of the time,” he told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service. “There are many threats; there is a rise in anti-Semitism and it comes against a backdrop of the strengthening of Islam in Europe. The Jews feel uncomfortable in this atmosphere and let us hope the situation does not get worse.”  

MK Amsalem called upon all of Europe's Jews to make Aliyah to Israel. “Jews need to understand that they belong in the Land of Israel, and this might also stop the demographic threat [in Israel],” he said. “If they immigrated to Israel everything would look different.”