100,000 Water-Conserving Devices Installed in Israeli Homes

Water Authority project installs "Chas-cham" conserving device on sinks in over 40,000 homes in central and southern Israel.

Eli Stutz, | updated: 17:24

Water Conserving Device
Water Conserving Device
Arutz Sheva

Israel is beginning to take its water conservation to the next level. In the past two weeks, Water Authority contractor Milgam has installed over 100,000 water-conserving devices in over 40,000 homes in central and southern Israel. 

The device, called a "chas-cham" (a play on words meaning a hot or live-conserver) is fitted onto a regular sink or bathtub faucet and conserves approximately one third of the water output of the faucet, without harming the user's experience of water flow.

Some 1,800 Milgam workers have been deployed for the purpose of the project, which will last for the next three months. The "Chas-cham" installation is free for homeowners and is part of a Water Authority initiative to conserve the country's water supply. Two million chas-chams are planned to be installed in Israeli homes. Each homeowner is given three free devices, two for bathtub faucets, and a third for a regular faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. The focus of the project is on bathtubs, since 35% of home water usage is from baths and showers.

The chas-ham installation team members arrive at Israeli homes wearing special uniforms and tags bearing the Water Authority logo, and install the devices without charge.

The chas-ham project is projected to save 25,000,000,000 liters of water per year, in a country where every drop counts.

The following numbers are available for inquiries about the chas-cham installation in your region:

  • Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria: 08-9320939
  • Haifa and Northern Israel: 03-5588362
  • Central Israel, Tel Aviv, and Southern Israel: 03-9193641, 072-2755411