Israeli Terror Victims Race in NYC Triathlon

Brothers-in-law affected by terrorism raced in the NYC triathlon and friends of terror victims ran as well to raise money.<br/>

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 21:20

Yeshurun and Shaked at the finish line
Yeshurun and Shaked at the finish line
Israel news photo: Sari Schorr

Two brothers-in-law affected by terrorism raced Sunday in the New York City triathlon. They were sponsored by the One Family Fund, which also raised money for victims of terrorism during the event with the help of dozens of volunteers racing for Team OneFamily.

Elad Belachsan, 27, was paralyzed in one leg during his IDF service while on a mission in Shechem. His brother-in-law, Yeshurun Gavish, lost both parents, his older brother, and his grandfather in a terrorist shooting at the family home in Elon Moreh during Passover of 2002.

Gavish later rescued others from a terrorist attack. In 2006, at age 25, he witnessed a terrorist carrying out a stabbing attack in Petach Tikva. Along with another passerby, he managed to subdue the terrorist and won a Presidential Citation of Bravery for his actions.

Gavish finished the race hand-in-hand with a third brother-in-law, Shaked Rogovsky, who had trained the other two in preparation for the event. 

Belachsan, who is married to Gavish's sister Tzofia, raced using a hand-cycle. Belchasan had told the JTA news agency that the race gave him a chance to push himself. “It's a great challenge, to see the limits of your body and to extend them,” he said.

The New York-based Team OneFamily raced in the event as well. The OneFamily team trains throughout the year and competes in two or three events annually, each time raising money for Israeli victims of terrorism through sponsorship. The team also holds an annual bike rally in Israel during the Sukkot holiday.

One Family (MIshpacha Achat) is an organization dedicated to aiding terror victims. Team OneFamily is one of their many projects.