Syria Backs Turkey

Syrian President Assad drummed up more warnings of war, blaming Israel for undermining Middle East stability because of its rift with Turkey.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 22:10

Assad at Damascus old city wall
Assad at Damascus old city wall
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

Syrian President Bashar Assad came out four-square behind Turkey in its diplomatic crisis with Israel and warned that Israel undermine stability in the Middle East. "The chances of peace grow slim, and the prospect of war grows," he said in Spain.

Assad warned Israel that it is risking what he called Turkey’s significance in regional peace talks. If relations between Israel and Turkey are not renewed, it will be very difficult for Turkey to continue its role in the negotiations,” according to the Syrian leader. Turkey has threatened it will cut off diplomatic ties with Israel if Jerusalem does not apologize for the May 31 flotilla clash.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated earlier Monday that if anyone should apologize for the incident, it should be Turkey, which sponsored the IHH flotilla ship whose Turkish terror activists attacked Navy commandoes. Nine Turks dies in the clash.

Turkey already has recalled its ambassador, and civilian and military contracts have been reduced. However, some joint military projects are continuing.