Shuafat Terror Cell Indicted

Three Jerusalem Arabs have been indicted for forming a terrorist cell, carrying weapons, and more.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 18:33

Riot in Shuafat, Jerusalem
Riot in Shuafat, Jerusalem
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Three Arab residents of Jerusalem were indicted Sunday for membership in a terrorist organization and illegal weapons possession. The three – Nour Al-Din Khader, Muhanad Hammad, and Mourad abu-Hamadan – are from the neighborhood of Shuafat.

The three are accused of establishing a terrorist cell linked with the Tanzim, a subgroup of the Fatah terror organization headed by Mahmoud Abbas, whom Israel sees as a moderate. They are also accused of acquiring illegal weapons and using them to enforce vigilante justice within the neighborhood, as well as reckless use of weapons.

Khader, Hammad and Hamadan used their guns primarily to threaten drug dealers and thieves, and are not accused of carrying out terrorist attacks. They also used guns to fire in the air at local weddings. Gunfire is widely used as a sign of celebration in the Arab world.

While the terror cell did not carry out attacks, it worked to recruit local Arabs as terrorism supporters. Cell members organized marches in memory of terrorists killed fighting Israel, who they referred to as “martyrs,” and told local storeowners to close shop in memory of terrorist “martyrs” as well.

Last Monday, police announced that they had nabbed an Israeli-Arab terrorist cell based in Nazareth. Members of the Nazareth cell are accused of murdering a Jewish cab driver and carrying out several violent attacks on Jews and Christians. They also planned to kidnap an IDF soldier.