Former FBI Agent Echoes Obama

Former FBI Agent Philip Mudd echoed President Barack Obama's 'blood and treasure' remark alluding to Israel this week on CBS's '60 Minutes'.

Avi Yellin , | updated: 10:28

Israel news photo: (file)

United States President Barack Obama’s recent remark implying that Israel's policies endanger American soldiers is once again being heard in American media. An edition of CBS’s "60 Minutes" this week featured a piece by Steve Kroft on homegrown terrorism in America.

Following the recent events in New York City’s Times Square, the program included an interview with Phillip Mudd, who until recently served as the domestic terrorism expert in the FBI's intelligence leadership.

Mudd began by explaining that Muslim terrorists in the United States view themselves as part of a global movement and that this reality is being facilitated by the Internet. "The Internet often is not the initial spark, but it helps them go down a path," he explained.

But when asked what people are seeing on the web that prompts them to commit acts of terror on American soil, Mudd also blamed Israel, saying, "They're seeing images, for example, of children and women in places like Palestine [sic] and Iraq, they're seeing sermons of people who explain in simple, compelling, and some cases magnetic terms why it's important that they join the jihad. They're seeing images, and messages that confirm a path that they're already thinking of taking."

Last month, President Obama accused Israeli policies – specifically Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s resistance to Obama’s demands to halt Jewish construction in parts of Jerusalem liberated in 1967 – of costing the United States “blood and treasure.” This implied that Israel bears partial responsibility for the deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, rather than placing the blame with America's own failed policies vis-a-vis the Arab world.

Responding to the American statements, activist Benny Katz of the L'Herut Tzion organization had another way of looking at the issue. He told Israel National News that "... the American occupation of foreign lands is what endangers the lives of American soldiers. Israel has every legal and historic rights to exert full Jewish sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Obama cannot say the same for Iraq or Afghanistan. A Middle East free from Western pressure and occupation will be much safer and calmer for everyone concerned."