Trail of the Ark

A fresh look at the young nation of Israel's first steps in the Holy Land following their footsteps over the Jordan River and into Eastern Shomron.

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Yair Shalev guiding the tour
Yair Shalev guiding the tour
David Lev

In Eastern Shomron we have a grandstand view of an historic spectacle – the arrival of the Children of Israel into the Promised Land. The Ark of the Covenant, borne aloft by priestly Israelites, led the way (as described in Joshua 3:1-6). The gripping story of the River Jordan parting its deep waters to allow safe passage for the Israelites is recalled in this video. These miracles happened in front of Eastern Shomron, the first mountains waiting to be claimed, possessed, and settled by the nation of Israel.

Heralding the arrival of the new moon was an event of much enthusiastic activity. This video also covers the local connection of that important monthly act, which enabled Israeli society to function according to its earliest laws (as described in Tractate Rosh Hashana, Chapter 2).

This video has been the first in a trilogy of three video stories, relating to one small but extraordinarily significant portion of Israel, the Shomron.

David Lev, the producer of this trilogy, is an accomplished tour guide and the leader a project investigating the present whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant. His 'Down to Roots' video series is targeted towards strengthening the connection between Jewish people and its land.