Kam 'Lost' Top Secret Disc

A disc containing top secret materials that then-soldier Anat Kam copied from the Head of Central Command's bureau 'disappeared.'

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 18:34

Anat Kam
Anat Kam
Israel news photo: file

A disc containing top secret materials that former soldier Anat Kam copied and removed from the Head of IDF Central Command's bureau is missing. Kam claims she has lost it and does not remember what she did with it or where it has gone.

The Tel Aviv District Court allowed this fact to be published Monday.

Kam, 23, was charged with serious espionage three months ago. She is accused of stealing more than 2,000 documents from the computers at the office of the Head of Central Command, Gen. Yair Naveh, when she served as an assistant to his aide-de-camp four years ago.

Some of the documents are highly classified and include information about the IDF's order of battle, battle plans, locations of units and tactics. 

Kam handed over the material to journalist Uri Blau of Haaretz, who is abroad and refuses to hand it over to the authorities.

The Head of the Israel Security Agency, Yuval Diskin, said that the material would be a dream come true for an enemy of Israel, “in terms of the picture it provides about what is going on on the other side.”