Free Passover Sites in Israel

For the sixth year in a row, Bank HaPoalim is sponsoring free entrance to museums and other attractions across Israel during the Passover holiday.

Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 11:16

Koala bear at Haifa Zoo
Koala bear at Haifa Zoo
Israel news photo: courtesy of Bank Hapoalim

The People of Israel fled their bondage in Egypt and streamed across the Red Sea and into the Land of Israel 3,500 years ago, and today Jewish families in Israel set forth on outings in the country during the interim days of the seven-day holiday of Passover.

Some Israelis make a point of traveling all over the country; others content themselves with trips to museums and parks, hikes in the desert or visits to zoos and other places. Many of these attractions charge an entrance fee during the year – but for the sixth year in a row, Bank HaPoalim is covering the cost and offering free entry to 46 museums and other attractions across the country during the holiday.

The project is estimated to save up to hundreds of shekels for the average family. Among the sites covered by the free offer are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Garden Guru, Haifa Zoo, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Eretz Israel Museum, Ben Gurion House, Parrot Farm, Latrun Armor Museum and Holy Land Museum.

The free sites will be open on all the intermediate days of the Passover holiday – March 31, April 1, April 2 (until just prior to the start of the Sabbath) and April 4, before the start of the final day of the holiday.

The project has “become a tradition in which hundreds of thousands of families in Israel enjoy visits to museums and sites throughout the country during the Passover holiday,” explained Yair Seroussi, Bank HaPoalim chairman. “We invite all citizens to enjoy the abundance of sites and museums at their disposal during the holiday, free of charge, to enrich their knowledge with new experiences."

“The bank workers are proud and happy to continue the tradition of working for culture, nature and beauty in order to allow the public to enjoy the Passover holiday and the beauty of our country, our rich history and culture,” added Tzion Keinan, CEO of the bank. “We wish all the House of Israel a joyous holiday of freedom and safety, filled with fun.