Can Torah and Science Coexist?

The annual Torah and Science Conference dealt with Shabbat and technology, chemistry and kashrut, Rabbinic literature and scientific knowledge

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Yoni Kempinski,

Torah and Science Conf.
Torah and Science Conf.
Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski
The annual Torah and Science Conference in Jerusalem on Monday, hosted by Yeshiva and Bar-Ilan universities and the Jerusalem College of Technology, featured lectures and presentations illustrating the synthesis between Torah scholarship and secular scholarship – "Torah U'Maddah" (Torah and Science).
This year’s lecture and presentation topics included Shabbat and technology, chemistry and kashrut, Rabbinic literature and scientific knowledge, and "Intelligent Design: A Valid Realm of Scientific Research?"
Arutz Sheva TV attended the event and spoke with Rabbi Professor Carl Feit, head of YU's Biology Department. Feit speaks about the co-existence of the eternal Torah and the developing world of science as well as giving interesting examples of the issues the world of Torah deals with today, such as the Shabbat elevator and the technology of fruit preparation.