Move Over Brooklyn: Baltimore Claims Largest US Kosher Store

Move over Brooklyn and make way for Baltimore, which soon will have the largest kosher supermarket in the United States.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 19:23

Seven-Mile Market in Baltimore
Seven-Mile Market in Baltimore
Israel News Photo: Seven-Mile Market

Baltimore’s Seven-Mile Market is preparing to replace the Pomegranate market on New York as the largest supermarket in the United States. The owners of “Seven-Mile” hope to move into their new 55,000-square foot store during the summer, before the highly profitable holiday period beginning with the Jewish New Year of Rosh HaShanah.

Pomegranate opened its doors two years ago and billed its 30,000-square foot building as the largest kosher supermarket in the country.

Seven-Mile will move into a Safeway market that has not been profitable in the area that is densely populated by orthodox Jews, who are estimated to comprise nearly one-third of the metropolitan area’s 100.000-plus Jews.

The Baltimore supermarket, which currently is located on Seven Mile Lane, will retain its widely-known name in its new location around the corner. Seven-Mile is particularly known for featuring products with the respected Star-K kosher certification, the most widely accepted kosher symbol outside of the Orthodox Union’s OU.

Star-K president Avram Pollack explained to the Baltimore Sun that moving into a former non-kosher facility involved more hard labor than fine points of Jewish law. He said the refrigerator cases and shelves must be thoroughly cleaned and that bakery ovens have to be made kosher by being heated to the highest possible temperature for nearly an hour.