New Hotel, Spa Open in Jerusalem

Two new points on the map of Jerusalem for those who seek luxurious accommodation: the Mamilla Hotel and the David Citadel Hotel Spa

Israel National News, | updated: 10:22

David Citadel Spa relaxation area
David Citadel Spa relaxation area
David Citadel Spa

Two points of interest have recently sprung up on the map of Jerusalem, for those seeking luxurious accommodation: the Mamilla Hotel and a new spa at the David Citadel Hotel.

Over NIS 300 million were poured into the construction of the Mamilla Hotel and it shows: the look is modern but in touch with the city's history and unique light. The seating areas in the lobby are full of character and the harmony between the varied items of furniture reflects fine taste.

The hotel has three restaurants, and the live choral accompaniment of Sabbath songs at the Sabbath eve meal is a brilliant idea. All three restaurants are professionally run by Chef Roi Antabi. In addition, the Mirror Bar offers an assortment of wines and the Roof Top brasserie, with its wooden deck and black upholstered couches, gives diners a stunning 8th-story view of the Old City walls.

There are two Sabbath elevators and automatic Sabbath-clock arrangements in the rooms. The price for a standard room is NIS 1600 per couple.

Just opposite the new hotel, the 12-year-old David Citadel Hotel has a new feature: a 500-square-meter, ten-room spa that includes jacuzzis, a wet sauna, a dry sauna and a relaxation room. The spa offers 30 kinds of treatments for hotel guests and visitors, including reflexology and scalp-massage.

The spa is designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, and the soft lighting, sounds of flowing water and pleasant scents add to the unique atmosphere. The relaxation room is a sitting room where refreshments are served, with a corridor that leads to several beds, separated by curtains, where one can rest and even doze off after a treatment.

There is complete separation between men and women, and entrance is directly from the parking area, making the spa very religious-friendly. A 45-minute treatment costs NIS 260.