More Holes in Goldstone Report

An ex-army officer who helped write the Goldstone Report assumed the IDF has non-existent weapons and that Israel purposely killed Arab civilians.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 09:33

Kassam rocket victim
Kassam rocket victim
Israel news photo: Flash 90
An ex-army officer who helped produce the Goldstone Report assumed the IDF has non-existent weapons and that Israel purposely killed Arab civilians, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) reported.

The focus of the latest revelations is retired Irish Defense Forces Col. Desmond Travers. He was the only former officer on the “fact-finding” team that helped Judge Richard Goldstone write the report castigating Israel for alleged war crimes in the war against Hamas terrorists last year. A close study of his methods in his work for the Goldstone committee, along with comments in interviews he gave recently, disclose what the JCPA calls a “a fundamental bias against the Israel Defense Forces.”

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold co-authored the JCPA report.

Travers told the Middle East Monitor two weeks ago that Israeli soldiers had "taken out and deliberately shot" Irish peacekeeping forces in Southern Lebanon. He also had asked Gaza psychologists how Israeli soldiers could kill children in front of their parents. Both statements are patently false, JCPA emphasized.

Travers charged that the IDF used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that detect houses where there are a large number of people inside - but the IDF possesses no such weapon.

He also provided the Goldstone commission with a report that there were only "something like two" rockets that struck southern Israel in the month before the government ordered the Cast Lead counterterrorist operation. In fact, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel with dozens of rockets in the same period, and more than 12,000 rockets and mortars since 2000.

Another hole in his work for the Goldstone commission was his claim that "we found no evidence that mosques were used to store munitions" and that those who said otherwise “reflect Western perceptions in some quarters that Islam is a violent religion." However, Travers admitted he checked only two mosques.

Traver's attitude towards Israel and Jews was revealed in a recent interview, in which he stated, "Britain's foreign policy interests in the Middle East seem to be influenced strongly by Jewish lobbyists."