Arutz Shevathon Fundraiser

Excitement has reached a peak as the live video Shevathon Fundraiser goes on air. Watch all the INR hosts now. Donate toll-free: 1-800-270-4288

Eli Stutz , | updated: 14:00

The Arutz Shevathon Fundraiser is taking place. Call in with your donation to 1-800-270-4288 or click the banner below and support Arutz Sheva online.

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"I'm very excited at the opportunity to hear from our listeners whom we love so much," said Malkah Fleisher, host of the Eyshet Chayil show on Israel National Radio. "This is the time of year that we get to listen to them, and not just talk."

Tzvi Barish, Arutz Sheva English Internet manager, said, "No matter what amount we raise, this day is a great success for Arutz Sheva. All the show hosts are taking part. I'm psyched."

Yishai Fleisher & Eli Stutz Kicking Off the Broadcast

Here is the schedule for the Shevathon (Eastern Standard Time). Tune in on

07:00 Yishai Fleisher and Eli Stutz, with guests Rabbi Berel Wein and Professor Paul Eidelberg
08:00 Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven, with guests Eve Harrow and MK Danny Danon
09:00 Walter Bingham and Judy Simon, with guests MK Tzipi Hotovelli and Gil Hoffman 
10:00 Yishai Fleisher and Ben Bresky, with guests Shlomo Katz and Aaron Klein
11:00 Goel Jasper and Dovid Gantshar, with guest Professor Jan Geliebter
12:00 Rabbi Shimshon Nadel and Yitzchak Hutner, with guests Ketzaleh (MK Yaakov Katz) and Minister Yuli Edelstein
13:00 Jeremy Gimpel and Tamar Yonah, with guests Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis and Doug Hagmann
14:00 Malkah Fleisher and Yishai Fleisher, with guests MK Aryeh Eldad and Nadia Matar
15:00 Tovia Singer and Ari Abramowitz, with guests David Ha'ivri and Andrew Lewis
16:00 Yehudah Hacohen and Tamar Yonah, with guests Shlomo Wollins and Jay Bernstein
17:00 Dovid Willner and Barnea Selavan, with guest Ferme Hassan
18:00 Tamar Yonah and Yishai Fleisher, with guests Gene Gee, Jesse Woodrow, and Yisroel Stefanski

The theme of the Shevathon is Growth, corresponding to the upcoming Tu B'Shvat holiday, which celebrates the Jewish new year for trees. As such, there will be Tu B'Shvat activities conducted live throughout the telethon, and learning about the Jewish aspects of nature and our role in the world. The Shevathon will also focus on Jewish growth in the land of Israel, with special interviews from Jewish communities throughout the land, especially in Judea and Samaria, where Jewish courage and life in the face of obstacles continues to thrive.

The target for the Shevathon is $360,000, which will be used to help Arutz Sheva continue its quality array of news media services, and grow and expand into new horizons. This target number is a multiple of 18, which signifies Life in Jewish tradition. Donors will be able to contribute via the Internet and by phone, with selected donors going on air live with the show hosts. Special prizes will be awarded, which include meeting with favorite show hosts, Israeli artwork, Arutz Sheva T-shirts and hats, and much more.

Arutz Sheva sees its role as an alternative media source as crucial, in a political and media environment that is increasingly hostile to Israel, from the Goldstone report that targeted Israel's right to defend itself, to the daily and ever-intensifying pressure on Israel's leaders to relinquish the Jewish homeland. Arutz Sheva hopes to continue in its mission to bring the truth to light, and to promote the values of Torah, of a strong Israel, and of a proud Jewish people. All this, through up-to-the-minute coverage of the news online, by email, on the radio, and via video.

The phone lines are open now. To support Arutz Sheva, call 1-800-270-4288 from the U.S., Canada, and Israel. Click here to donate online. Arutz Sheva wishes a very happy Tu Bishvat to all its readers and listeners.