Jordan: Roadside Bomb Against Israel Embassy Staff, None Hurt

A roadside bomb was set off against a convoy with embassy staff on their way to Israel from Amman. Two vehicles overturned. No one was hurt.<br/><br/>

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 18:50

Crossing into Jordan
Crossing into Jordan
Israel news photo: file

Unknown terrorists set off a roadside bomb Thursday against a convoy of cars carrying Israeli diplomats in Jordan. No one was hurt.

The diplomats were on their way to the Allenby Bridge from Amman, Jordan. The bomb went off at about 5:00 PM as a car carrying three Israeli diplomats passed it. No one was hurt. Two cars reportedly overturned as a result of the blast, however.

The Israeli Ambassador to Jordan was not in the convoy that came under attack. The convoy reportedly continued to drive toward Israel and the Jordan Police launched an investigation.

In 2002, Jordanian police said they had prevented an attempt by terrorists to enter the neighborhood of Amman where the Israeli embassy resides. The police said that they had arrested several suspects who possessed automatic weapons, hand grenades, handguns, knives and other weapons.

In February 2008, gunmen attacked the Israeli embassy in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott. Five people were injured in the attack, including one foreign national.