War Crimes Lawsuit against Hamas

An unprecedented lawsuit by Belgian-Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks asks a Belgian court to arrest leaders of the terrorist organization.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 11:33

Hamas rocket attack victim
Hamas rocket attack victim
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks who hold dual citizenship have turned the tables on anti-Zionists and have appealed to a Belgian court to arrest Hamas leaders, including de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal.

The 15 plaintiffs, all of them Belgian nationals who also hold Israeli citizenship, were wounded, sustained property damage or lost relatives in last year’s rocket barrage on southern Israel, which subsided but resumed, albeit at a reduced level, after the three-week Operation Cast Lead that began in late December of last year.

Attorney Mordechai Tzivin, representing the plaintiffs, told the French news agency AFP, "This is a first step in a broad offensive across Europe that will include Spain, Britain, Italy and other countries.”

The suit follows several attempts by anti-Zionists in Europe who have sought the arrest of Israeli political and military leaders for authorizing counterterrorist maneuvers.

"The request for arrest warrants was submitted after six months of legal preparation and is based on strict evidence which ties Hamas leaders to terror attacks in which Belgian citizens ware harmed," attorney Roel Coveliers told AFP.

Hamas rocket terrorists The suit charges 10 Hamas leaders of war crimes and is based on the United Nations Human Rights Commission report authored by Judge Richard Goldstone, who accused Israel of war crimes but mentioned, almost in passing, that Hamas rocket attacks on civilians also constitute violations of international law.

Besides Haniyeh and Mashaal, the top leader of Hamas who is based in Damascus, the suit names Gaza-based Mahmoud al-Zahar and the leaders of Hamas’ “military” division.

An official of the pro-Israel organization that helped launch the suit said that the group hopes “to shatter the myth that draws a parallel between Israel and terror organizations such as Hamas.”

Earlier this week, Hamas officials have said they are providing information to Europeans to help them file war crimes charges against Israel.